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Title: Admin Request
Post by: mr.undying on April 18, 2019, 10:41:58 pm
My name is Catalin, I am 40 years old and I am from Romania.
I want to become an admin on the London Warcraft server.
steam id: STEAM_1: 0: 14647423.  For a few months I have discovered this server that is almost similar to the server I am coowner in my country but which is cs 1. 6.  I do not know how it was in the past, but now there are not too many players, and sometimes there is a cheater.  It's frustrating when you can not even vote kick.

thank you in advance, regardless of your answer.
Title: Re: Admin Request
Post by: Choate on April 19, 2019, 04:49:24 am
Hello mr.undying,

Welcome to the forum

Please use the report function so we know if you can tell the difference between good players and hackers.

Do any of the London admins know him?

Please read the server rules and respect them: http://forum.fettihit.eu/index.php?topic=22.0
1.12. English is the server language, any player that communicates in any other language will be warned and if not compliant removed.
Also, please do not bypass the profanity filter.
Title: Re: Admin Request
Post by: xXMongOXx on April 20, 2019, 03:34:43 pm
I've ben playing with you few times but today i saw you write this which shows you
either not read the rules or you don't understand the rules.

*mr.undying - if i say in english what i told you, i get mute or ban*
*mr.undying - plm cu rasa ta de kakat*

Just to point it out, if Admin see you write in romanian language
then you will get a warning and if you continue to write in romanian you can get muted

You need to read our rules and prove that you can behave yourself
you need to record a demo of a hacker and report him using report section.
Title: Re: Admin Request
Post by: mr.undying on April 27, 2019, 08:05:45 pm
I read a lot of regulations, until my age .   .   .    If I think better, I do not really want to become anything here anymore.    I have enough of the 3-5 players I meet daily.    If I offend you, I apologize.    If the server was more populated, I could put more effort on my part.   
There are up to 6 players at one time, most of all day, most experienced players who see that they know how to play Warcraft, and you want to make a demo to a hacker? :-D

have fun, and maybe we'll play when we meet.  :-)
close the topic .  .  . 
Title: Re: Admin Request
Post by: xXMongOXx on April 27, 2019, 09:33:22 pm
Uhm what?. Do you understand us at all?.
These are the rules we are talking about.
Click here -->http://forum.fettihit.eu/index.php?topic=22.msg26 (http://forum.fettihit.eu/index.php?topic=22.msg26) <-- Click here

What we are saying is.
A) This server is english only speaking / writing
B) Record a demo of a hacker and upload it here so we can see if you can tell the difference between good players and hackers

You did not offend anyone or want you to send a demo to a hacker
and if you still want to become admin then you just simple do these two things and we will see how it goes
or do you still want me to close this application?.
Title: Re: Admin Request
Post by: mr.undying on April 28, 2019, 09:05:06 am
Ok, I'll try to reformulate what I said, for a better understanding. 
1.   I no longer want to be admin on your server. 
2.   I knew I was only allowed to speak in English, but if I offend you in English, I was getting mute, and it was not funny.    :-D
3.   I can not record a demo with a hacker, because there are not really players.   I know this server for several months, and I found a maximum of 6 players connected during the day, except for the 4 permanent bots.   The players who connect, are experienced and old on this server and do not come with cheats.   Certainly there are cheating players, but I did not see them. 
4.   I read the regulation.   it's a good regulation.   :-)

Finally, if you understand what I said, please close the topic.   This way, we do not waste time on everyone.