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Non English Support / foreign language support
« on: May 21, 2015, 01:36:09 am »
If you have trouble to write your problem in english, may it be report a player / report an admin / ban appeal.
Check out this list and write the admin wich does speak your mother language.

::armscrossed:: = able to speak the language
::heart:: = motherlanguage

Click on underlined Names to visit the steamprofile sublined Names have no link yet.

23Alex / Fetti ::armscrossed:: ::heart::XXXXCo-CEO & Founder
Zebub ::armscrossed::X ::heart::XXXServer-Admin
Peyko ::armscrossed::X ::heart::XXXServer-Admin
Ninja_Peer ::armscrossed::X ::heart::XXXServer-Admin
J.Nipsu ::armscrossed::XX ::heart::XXServer-Admin
Romance ::armscrossed::::heart::XX ::armscrossed:: ::armscrossed::Server-Admin
ike ::armscrossed::XX ::heart::XXServer-Admin
louiscardinal ::heart::XXXXXServer-Admin
jaksna  ::armscrossed::XXXXXServer-AdminCzech( ::heart::)| Slovak
skrikarn  ::armscrossed::XXXXXServer-AdminSwedish( ::heart::)
awptimusprime  ::armscrossed:: ::heart::XXXXServer-AdminHungary(  ::armscrossed::)
Raizo  ::armscrossed::XXXXXServer-AdminMongolian(::heart::) czech
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