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Re: Server issues ?
« Reply #15 on: January 24, 2018, 03:53:15 am »
Motd which showing right now our website, when you joining the server? I can disable it for everyone and show custom motd for players with total level less then 10 levels.
Issue#1: you can close default motd, by clicking okay or pressing Enter.every player know that.
To close custom motd you must click on small
  • on top right corner.(enter button is not working) A lot of newbies will stuck here.

+ by defult in CSGO client motd is disabled.

I can show you text for everyone.
But everyone just click "OK" automaticly, when join the server

Players wanna play, not read long textes. Read game dev blogs, about that. ::wink::

Info about ultimate and ability on level less then 7 is useless
Text must be showing step by step, dependent on player actions! Like my green text on center of screen

Wanna help?? So its a lot of job.
Write it here for me. But you must think about all possible challenges for newbies!
But its must interactive:
Expl: event:Player joined the server. Hint: ....
Event: player choosed race, Hint: show race info like in Diablo
Event: player killed by high level, Hint:
Event: player reached 7 level Hint: "You can use magic power", new line"type bind x +ultimate", new line "Then press X"
Plus show hint in chat
Show this hint every round until player use ultimate!

By the way, I dont know any CSGO server with Hint system like this and a lot of War3 servers dont have motd like you suggest. And they have a lot of newbies))) Also, they are steam only and dont have hackers
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Re: Server issues ?
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You have this green text that show people about levelbank,

how about add text that say *Register to for info how to play this mod*
and when they register and login first time they get auto msg about how to play warcraft mod and diablo mod
and more info like how to report admin application etc instead of motd?,

or maybe give a command that light this text up for 2 rounds so everyone can read it ?.
like !howtoplay


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Re: Server issues ?
« Reply #17 on: January 24, 2018, 04:45:05 pm »
Look what top game developers sad)) no long text!

Do you know any populare game which showing you manual?