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« on: December 15, 2018, 05:29:13 pm »
 -A lot of players play until they get to level 8-9 then they use the level bank. And that gets them to level 18 or 19 straight away. I have played here for over a year and have never got a single level for free. I just think its unfair, for all of us who puts in the hours.
If new players use it to get from lvl 0 to 10 its perfectly fine with me.

Is it possible to do anyting about it?

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Re: Levelbank
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Quote from Hitmany's announcements post

Quote from: Hitmany link=topic=2455.msg9232#msg9232
Newcomers receiving 10 levelbanks (Free levels)
If you have levelbank, you will see hint about it on every spawn
This was made 16-09-2017 and is only applied to new players as you said it's prefectly fine.
if you started to play before this date then you wont get it like us others old players.

And then you got this update that was made 04-04-2018, if you had traxes above 24 then you recived free level
in level bank
Quote from: Hitmany link=topic=2704.msg10214#msg10214
Max level for all races is 24.   ::smile::
Players with levels above 24, recieved compensation in levelbank  ::strawberry::

You have a chance to get free level from halloween or x-mas events, the one that spawn smal gifts around the maps