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Read first.
« on: November 12, 2017, 03:46:18 pm »
Welcome to report a player section here you report player's that dont follow our rules.

1). You need to know how to fill out proper report and all you need to do is simply
---> click here! <---
If the link doesn't work then copy and fill it out (Write between [b ] [/b ]

Code: [Select]
Steam ID of player? (Open consol and type status)

Player's Name

What server did this occur on? (London, Atlanta, Diablo)

What happened?

2) Every report you make needs proof, if someone is skywalking, cheating, spawn camping etc, then
you need to record a demo. If it is obvious thing then you don't need to record more then 1-2 rounds like aimbot or Wallhack when player constant aim through walls but if its hard to see then you need to record longer.
here is a clip on youtube that show how you record players,

3) Finding your demos,
Your demos is located in steam -> steamapps -> common -> counter-strike global offensive -> csgo
^Talking about folder in your harddrive. and when you make topic (report a player) you will see
+Attachments and other options at botten of the page, click on it and then browse and find your demo
**Note not bigger then 50mb

And there you have it you just made a report a player topic now you just have to wait for admins to check it out and confirm if it is rule breaking or not 
Thank you for reporting ::smile::
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