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Wish you all the best
« on: April 09, 2019, 07:16:10 am »
Hey guys I'm to busy in reallife couldn't bring up anytime for the project anymore in the last few months.
Next months won't be better got a customer recently that will change my life if I keep working hard for around 1 year I won't have to work ever again.

I'm stepping back now from community Manager was fun over the years to build this project up together with Viktor we had some Up's and Down's and most overall a great community.

Maybe I come back after filling my bank account let's see right now I can't use any distraction so I deleted my steam and also will delete my forum Account, I wish you the best guys & girls. :-)

Fetti das Nashorn
Co-Creator, Co-Ceo & Community Manager(had to do it one last time haha)